Designer. Artist. explorer: Collecting STORIES and FOLLOWING THE THREAD…

Trained as an architect and designer and a curious explorer at heart, I’m on a journey to shine light on the in-between spaces and places: those physical and emotional moments of transition where the unexpected arises.

I’ve always had a deep curiosity for learning about seemingly disparate things: searching for patterns and threads in the built environment, the natural world, and most importantly to me now, our human interactions.

Driven by a deep sense of wonder and thoughtful intention, I’m diving into the in-between spaces with an open mind, sketchbook, and heart. Always more heart connection, please.

Navigating the world with tender ambition*

I’ve owned a textile design studio, practiced architecture, taught yoga in the deep south, mixed cocktails out west, had creative director in my title a number of times, and even sheared a sheep or two. Yet, truly, it’s those in-between things— the late night side projects, the purely-from-the-heart explorations, and the nourishing conversations— that continue to reveal so much to me.

Now I don’t overlook those moments. Instead, I create space for them. In doing so, I celebrate the continuous thread that stitches them together.


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Check out my interview with Ryan McGranaghan on the Origins podcast to hear more about my journey: Origins Podcast: Episode 5 Kerry Larkin - Making Space for a Beautiful Life

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*TENDER AMBITION - the quality of exploring the world with an open heart, from a space of ease and grace. Allowing stillness, and not ‘shoulds’, to determine projects, possibilities, and opportunities. Less hustle. Less forcing. More magic.



In 2018, I embarked a creative sabbatical road trip in the Pacific Northwest. From the San Juan Islands to Crater Lake National Park, I camped, connected, and created along the way.

Here are just a few of projects that arose from the solitude of solo camping, the spaciousness of the nature trail, and the connection with friends, new and old.



Certainly, my ‘career’ has produced some interesting things. But, more often than not, the in-between space has produced some magical moments for me. Below is a glimpse at those moments.